Social Integration of Migrants and activation of Paths for Learning and Employability

Simple is a project that aims to support immigrant women in the narration of their experiences through the use of images. Due to its long experience in the narration of migration through images, Approdi gave the methodological base to the project, in order to train people with the use of images as a non-verbal tool for the narration of one’s own story. The use of images allows us to talk about difficult and dramatic experiences that can often compromise the access to our own resources. For this reason, the use of narration techniques through images with professionals working in the reception system

can open the way to the recovery of multiple individual and relational resources and allows to see more clearly one’s own potential and new opportunities. SIMPLE was developed for immigrant women living in Europe and was implemented by 7 institutions (IKF Malmo, Steps, Antoniano, Changes & Chances, ITC – Innovation training center, Arbeit und Leben Hamburg, Inova Consultancy) from 6 European countries (Sweden, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Germany and UK) while it’s co-funded by the Erasmus + Program of the European Union (Project reference number: 2019-1-SE01-KA204-060418).


Unicef ​​and Arci chose Approdi for the implementation of the Here4U project: the first and only remote psychological counseling service for Unaccompained And Separated Children (UASC), young migrants and refugees. Many of them, went through traumatic experiences that can severely affect their well-being. For this reason, Here4U aims to guarantee free access to a psychological support program available all over the Italian territory. The project consists of remote psychological interviews. Thanks to the presence of cultural mediators, these interviews can be carried out in more than 20 languages, to guarantee migrants the use of their mother tongue.

The service is available through the platform U-Report On The Move.


Innovative creation of digital skills TO Boost employability of Migrant WomEn

Approdi is one of the partners of the I-To-B-ME project, which aims to support migrant women in building new identities after their arrival in their countries of destination, by equipping them with tools for their future employment.
Due to various factors, such as the absence of contacts with local companies or the shortage of translated documents issued by local institutions which are dedicated to job placement, many migrant women cannot have access to a job. It is well known how the lack of income is one of the main causes to vulnerability and social exclusion.

By supporting migrant women in combining their skills and knowledge with the professional fields available in the hosting country, it is possible to increase their employment rate, while promoting their self-determination and fighting social exclusion.
I-To-B-ME is built on the SMS – Social Media Sisterhood project, which aims to develop tools and methods for institutions that have a role in promotion the social integration of migrant women.
Therefore, I-To-B-ME aims to provide an answer to the need of migrant women who face difficulties in accessing employment.

‘Accoglienza con cura’

Based on their experience and the need to foster a more inclusive society and service systems, Antoniano Onlus and Approdi created a course, based on an innovative and multidisciplinar approach training people and professionals to provide a better reception for migrants. The free course, held in 2019, comprised 5 meetings, open to citizens and health and social workers. During these sessions we explored various issues, like the impact of trauma during the migration journey, the relationship between health and migration, as well as possible methodologies for providing psychological support to people who experienced extreme trauma during their migration.


Born in 2019, the UNICORE project (UNIversity COrridors for REfugee students) allows refugee students from Ethiopia to travel to Italy through a ‘regular’ and safe path and, once arrived, continue their studies. The project offers opportunities to obtain study visas and scholarships in third countries. Also, thanks to the wide network of partners (including the University of Bologna, University of Florence, State University of Milan, University of Padua , Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Caritas Italiana, and many others!) students are supported in entering the academic life while integrating in the local social context.

Approdi is a partner in the project, offering psychological support to refugee students, and, if necessary, also to the operators in the project.